Do you condition?  Why and what brand?

Went for a hair cut the other day.  The stylist says I need to use conditioner because of my damaged ends.  Huh!?  Men don’t use conditioner, I didn’t even know men could get damaged ends.  Or do they?  So I went on online to research this whole conditioning non- sense.  Which leads to the Round the Horn question of the day.  Did you know that the Jheri Curl often misspelled as (Jerry Curl) was invented by this man. jgerri-redding

Mr. Jheri Redding.    Yeah I know, pretty funny.  Not only did Mr. Redding aid Michael Jackson in his iconic 0’s look, he invented the everyday hair conditioner that supposedly I need to use.  Pretty much the Jheri Curl is just a lot of no rinsed conditioner.  As a kid I really wanted a Jheri Curl.  As a kid I even got caught trying to steal activator from my neighborhood 7Eleven.  The owner knew my mom, if you thought the Long Dong Silver punishment was bad.  Come to think of it, I did a lot for the Jheri Curl.  Maybe that’s why I don’t condition today.  Is it really good for your hair?  Conditioner has never turned out good for me in the past, why start now?


  1. I worked at Knott’s Berry Farm in high school and they had just opened Bigfoot Rapids and believe me, wet Jheri Curl under the hot sun creates a smell that literally stings the inside of your nose.

    Why condition your hair when all you have to do is just keep getting your hair cut.

  2. I have specifically shaved off all my hair so I do not need to condition it, brush/comb it, Jheri curl it, hairspray it so I got nothing to worry ’bout but to climb out of bed and go on with my day.

  3. That’s easy – always condition. All Asian women (and Roger Fan) know that Pearl cream plus well conditioned long locks are the two viral agents that cause yellow fever.

  4. I don’t know if conditioner is good for your hair, but it sure makes it feel nicer. If I don’t condition, my hair is tangled and janky.

    I don’t care what brand I use as long as it changes regularly (so I feel like my life is exciting). It has to smell nice, do a decent job, and not be White Rain. Anything that costs $1 makes me suspicious.

    I tried a Kiehl’s olive oil one the other day that was fantastic – and it should have been, b/c it was 20 freaking dollars.

    Here’s a random tip – you can use conditioner to shave your legs if you run out of your regular stuff.

  5. i don’t use conditioner b/c it makes my hair flat and uneventful. kind of like my life…

  6. I’ve actually found a strategy of not using shampoo/conditioner anymore. well, I shouldn’t say not anymore but like once every fourth day. it gives me the perfect look and I save money on shampoo and gel.

  7. I use condtioner everyday. It completes my day and is refreshing. Makes me feel like a newborn baby, or a fawn in the forest, or a young girl running in a field of freshly cut grass.

  8. I’m with Emmie on this. No Cheapies!!! I use Dove Shampoo and Conditioner in Cucumber and Green Tea but when I really need it I use Pantene Leave in Conditioner.

    Oh and I thought that VO5’s Hot Oil was good for spilt ends

  9. Try Giovanni conditioner – I love that aromatic mint.

  10. Definitely with dawn for the Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, But for me Pantene is the best!
    By the way NEVER use 2 in 1 shampoo n conditioner it recks your hair and will give you dandruff! lol! =)

    Sung i reckon if you think your hairs fine and not bothered by split ends like most guys you shouldn’t worry about conditioning!

  11. “As a kid I really wanted a Jheri Curl.” LOLZ!! *dead*

  12. I don’t have a jheri curl, just real curls (Type 3b.)

    For me, conditioning is a must! For most natural curls, conditioning seals in moisture and kills frizz. It’s more important than shampooing. Daily conditioning moisturizes and smooths the hair, but daily shampooing results in super-frizzy hair and undefined curls.

    The secret to finding a good conditioner is knowing your individual hair type. It’s not just “straight” or “curly.” There are at least 7 different types of curls!

    Once you’ve identified yours, you see what products people with that type use. That’s how you find the best conditioners. For my 3b hair, I love the Jason line (especially the Aloe Vera one.)

    It sucks that your experience with conditioners sucked. Most cheap commercial conditioners contain silicone and sulfates, which make hair greasy and hard to manage. Silicones and sulfates are especially bad for curly hair, and shouldn’t be the main ingredient in your shampoo or conditioner.

    Sadly, beauty magazines (and media) get money from companies to promote these cheap products and their bad-quality ingredients. That’s why beauty mags are always recommending “silicone-infused” shampoos and styling aides, even though the only things those do is create enough build-up for you to buy extra shampoo… 🙂

  13. Can the Jheri curl make a comeback in the smart phones era?? Will the phone need w.d.40 or to be lube in the future.