Two nights ago, the beginning of the end kicked off when STAR WARS REBELS started up the second half of the fourth and final season. The events that unfolded throughout that evening’s two episodes were so emotional and overwhelming, that for the sake of preventing spoilers, this is where I’ll stop talking about them.

In honor of the return of REBELS, actor Tiya Sircar, who voices the Ghost Crew’s own artistic Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren, was this week’s guest on the weekly talk show, THE STAR WARS SHOW.

In conversation with co-host Andi Gutierrez, Sircar briefly touched on how prior to being cast on REBELS, she wasn’t all that knowledgeable about STAR WARS, and that was something that she has always been very honest about with the fans over the years. The good news: STAR WARS became the best homework she could ever ask for!

Also since being cast on REBELS, Sircar’s mom has become a fanatic of the franchise. She even goes as far as being present in almost every possible fan forum, and rehashing information to Sircar; never minding that she, the STAR WARS actor, most likely already knows.

When discussing Sabine, Sircar really admires how much her character has grown over the course of the series; particularly by way of her familial dynamics with not only her Mandalorian family, but also her family on the Ghost Crew. As much as she does not want REBELS to end, without spoiling anything at all, she is pleased with how this story is concluding.

This is just a summary of Sircar’s interview. To watch it, it begins at 4:55.