So if you haven’t watched this yet, you must watch it because it will seriously melt your heart. I watched it and I literally had tears in my eyes. A video of a Chinese woman coming out to her parents over Facetime was just epic. She made a video explaining to her parents that she identifies as LGBTIQ and told them how difficult it was for her to come out to them. 

Her name is Mengwen Cao and she is a videographer who emigrated to the US in 2012 from Hangzhou China. She knew her parents were concerned over her being alone and were hinting to her about whether she has found a guy to fulfil her life. She actually started to come out to her parents via a letter and then made a video – she used her skills as a videographer and a multi media producer to make an awesome video which has become part of a larger project called : HERE WE ARE

Here is what she told BUST MAGAZINE about how she felt after she came out (via Gay Star News):

‘I definitely feel closer with my parents now. I think they do, too. They kept saying that they are really glad that I told them, even during the early stages, when they were still trying to fully understand,’ 

‘I would talk about my relationship and introduce my queer friends to them. Last year when they visited New York, they stayed with me in a six-people queer co-op. They made friends with all my roommates, who are all queer or trans.’

‘I feel that it is impossible to see ourselves without first learning how to see other people. What I mean by that is that our lives don’t pack any significance until we see it already reflected back,”

Really, all of you should watch this. The reactions of her parents were not exactly 100%, but they were accepting and they would support her nonetheless. You can click here to check out Wen’s project.

Images via Gay Star News

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