My first question is why doesn’t Hong Kong just deport his ass back to Scotland? I mean he is seriously just a piece of shit – really nothing to offer and should just disappear and go away! But alas it seems he is still wandering around Hong Kong somewhere and preying on unsuspecting women – what a sick mother fucker! The article pegs him as being handsome, but from the photos I have seen he is an ugly white dude – nothing special or extraordinary.

Only known by his first name “Kieran”, he is a fraudster who has a work permit in Hong Kong ( has lived there for 7 years) and has been seducing and scamming women to make his living. At 38 years old, Kieran is in digital marketing and has been hanging around the nightclubs of Central, Wan Chai area seducing women. He targets women of different nationalities and obviously is picking up on their lonely vibe – so we can safely assume he is also a sociopath. His MO is usually to scam money from the women he seduces, and he has also hurt women with knives and assaulted them. Apparently, police have arrested him once for theft, but he was able to escape bail and he is known to threaten victims from reporting him. Yups, a pure piece of shit right there.

Here is more from Dimsum Daily:

Kieran has lived in Hong Kong for 7 years with a work permit and he has resigned from a digital marketing company since November last year. He has lived with numerous women at their homes on the Peak, Discovery Bay and even Lamma Island. 2 years ago there was a posting on the Hong Kong Expats Facebook group about Kieran who has conned many women in Hong Kong for several years. He is a serial conman who has also lived in other cities such as Shanghai and Thailand before.

‘He is a smooth talker and attractive,’ a victim says. ‘He would often convince you that he is very pitiful and soft hearted women would often want to take care of him after hearing his sorrows’.

In June this year, two women filed police reports for theft of HK6000 cash, a HK$1,500 watch and a notebook from their homes respectively. Police is still looking for Kieran.

Hong Kong, can you just deport his ass and Scotland can you arrest him for fraud and lock him up? He seriously needs to go in my opinion.

Images via Dimsum Daily

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