AMORMr. and Mrs. Kuroki are dairy farmers in rural Japan. They’ve been married since 1956 and have run their farm since about that same time. They raised two children and all seemed fine until Mrs. Kuroki went blind due to complications from diabetes. This made her sad and withdrawn and she stopped going outdoors–something she had previously loved to do.

So Mr. Kuroki did what any spouse vying for the title of “world’s best husband” would do: he started planting scented flowers.


Over the course of two years, he planted thousands of them so his blind wife would go outdoors and enjoy their aroma. It apparently worked:


And now his flowers attract visitors from all over the country.


Don’t you feel like shit for making that stupid excuse not to run to the corner store to pick up a bottle of aspirin when your wife had a headache? What kind of ungrateful husband are you?

If you want more proof of your own spousal lameness/laziness, check out the full video here: