Is it weird if I call this the Filipino Flintstones? Because that is what these bikes remind me – the awesome and epic bikes and foot operated cars we grew up seeing on The Flintstones. But of course this is the Filipino version. Anyways, an Indigenous Filipino tribe –  the Igolot-Garonne create and carve their own operational bikes using only wood from trees. At the front of each bike is a head of a lion, dragon, horse or some animal head of their choice. They even hold their own races with the bikes and if you check out these pictures you will realize how awesome they look.

It was Photographer Richard Haw, who works for a gaming company who took these awesome pictures of the Igolot-Garonne racing on their bikes in Batad.

Here is more from Pixelated Planet:

Mr. Haw who works for a games company said: “I was walking to my truck in the town when we were treated to the spectacle and it just so happens that I had my camera on hand and snapped the cowboy inspired scooter zooming downhill. Owning a motorcycle is considered a status symbol for people of a humble background. Since most of them do not really earn enough to afford the real thing they would just make imitations of scooters by whatever means they have.”

Mr. Haw who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, added: “I have not heard of any fatalities or accidents while people have been using the bikes, but looking at their legs you can see deep scars and I can imagine that it might have come from this.”

The bikes can go 25mph and they race downhill. Looking at these pictures have literally made my day, and I now want one of these bikes!

Images via Richard Haw (Pixelated Planet)

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