OMFG! Misogyny at its finest happening right here! Michael Minhong Yu (Yu Minhong 俞敏洪) , who is known as “the richest teacher in China” is an education mogul who is CEO of education institution “New Oriental (新东方教育)”, which is a US-listed education institution. On Sunday November 18 he was a speaker at the Shanghai Educational Forum (2018学习力大会) where he pretty much said that Chinese women are to blame/ be held responsible for the “decline of the country”. Here is the controversial and frankly misogynistic statement he made in his speech:

“Chinese women’s standard for picking men is now based on his ability to make a lot of money. In the end, if a country is doing well or not, often leads back to women. And now the degeneration [or ‘corruption’: duòluò 堕落] of Chinese women is leading to the degeneration of the country.”

I listened to the video ( attached in this post) and from the get go he pretty much talks about the responsibility of women to Chinese men and states that the root of the problem is the women. It is in Mandarin, so I hope you can trust some of my translations of it from my listening.

Chinese social media were divided on Yu’s words, with many condemning what he said. The hashtag “Yu Minhong discriminates against women” (#俞敏洪歧视女性#) is trending and has had 38 million reads/clicks/views.

“What kind of logic is this, to suggest that Chinese women are picking men based on their ability to make money?!”,

“Don’t generalize like that, and please respect women!” “Are all the women he knows like that?”

Chinese actress Zhang Yuqu, also wrote about her dissent to Yu’s comments, by posting this on Weibo: “[your] Peking University education and New Oriental have not helped you understand the value of females and the meaning of gender equality.”

Her post has collected over 92,000 comments thus far. Despite the dissent, there are also some also giving him support, unfortunately….

Yu has since apologized for his comments publicly which from my reading of it is a “sorry, not sorry” type of statement as he claims that his words have been “misunderstood” rather than him apologizing for making the comments. I listened to his speech in the video and it was clear to me of him blaming Chinese women. I hope he takes the time to reflect on his words and for an “education mogul” he definitely needs more schooling on gender equality, Chinese feminism and how to clearly express himself so he is not misunderstood.

“Today at a forum, I mentioned that ‘evaluation standards can determine the direction of education,’ and I used women’s standards for choosing spouses as an example. But I didn’t express myself correctly, and it has led to much misunderstanding among netizens – I greatly apologize for that. What I really wanted to say is: the standard of women in a country represents the level of that country. Women who have high inner quality, and mothers who have high quality, will raise high-quality children. Men are also led by women’s system of values. If it is an intellecual life that women pursue, then men will become wiser. If women only have money in their eyes, then men will desperately strive to make money, and neglect their spiritual life. If a woman is strong, then a man is strong, then a country is strong.”

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