I am wondering how I missed this back in June because it is so significant. ( *Erin slaps her own face for missing this for some reason*)… Anyways, let me post about it now as it is only a few months late…

Francesca Hung has definitely broke the ceiling of the MISS UNIVERSE AUSTRALIA competition by winning it back in June this year. Hung’s father is Chinese, whilst her mother is Irish background and Hung mentions that she definitely doesn’t look like past Miss Universe Australia winners, who were the typical white – blonde hair, blue eyed type. So yes, this is pretty freaking amazing to see Hung break this stereotype. 

This is what she told SBS News Australia back in June this year:

“I think internationally everybody has an idea of what Miss Australia should look like,”

“And I think it will be a little bit of a shock to everyone when a blonde hair, blue-eyed girl doesn’t walk out.

“I guess looking at your past winners – Jesinta Franklin, Rachael Finch and Jennifer Hawkins – I used to think that was the typical Australian girl that everyone wanted to be and look

At only 24 years old, Hung beat 31 other contestants to take the top Australian crown, and the best part is, she grew up in my neck of the woods – Western Sydney ( middle, working class Sydney). Like myself, she struggled with her own identity issues, and like myself she wished she was white growing up:

“I felt like, sort of different, a little bit embarrassed by my cultural heritage growing up,” 

“And now it’s something that I embrace and I’m so happy to be different. I want to really inspire and be a role model for any multicultural kid growing up.”

“I think it will be really good for other counties to see that we are such a diverse country and forward thinking.”

I definitely wish her all the best in the Miss Universe competition when it comes up again this year as it would be awesome to see her go very far and maybe win! I will definitely be backing her when the competition rolls around.

Images via SBS News

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