Here is something cute to start your week. This beluga whale named Tina has fallen in love – not with another beluga whale but with her Korean zookeeper  popping out of her water pen every time he walks by to greet and pet her. In addition, Tina gets jealous of anyone else she feels are vying for her love’s attention even fellow zookeepers.

If you ain’t her darling zookeeper, she will ignore you and won’t come up to give you a kiss. Stand too close to her zookeeper and she will also spit water out at you to claim her territory. Here is an explanation by Tina’s zookeeper as to why she is so attached and in love with him (via Good Times):

While other zookeepers were treating her nicely, the male zookeeper paid her a lot of attention which might be the main reason why Tina feels safe when he is around

There are male beluga whales in the zoo pen next door, and they are both interested in Tina, though Tina’s eyes are only for the one and only Korean zookeeper who she believes is her knight and shining armor. Such a cute and wonderful story, don’t you agree?

Images via Good Times

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