Got some words of wisdom from a veteran actor today.  We were talking about work ethic and ego as actors.  30 years has taught him the most important thing an actor can do is to be liked by his coworkers.  Seems  like common sense.  But unfortunately insecurities, ego, and a whole lot of other b.s causes some actors to come off as immature high school pricks.  At times I find myself a victim of my own insecurities and ego.  Most of the time it causes my perspective to become warped and destructive.  For example I recently auditioned for a role.  I got notes back that the Producers weren’t sold on me.  Right away I took this as a failure on my part.  A rejection.  I am not liked!  I have no talent!  But wait a minute.  Why am I thinking this?  Funny how my whole life I work to be happy and secure with who I am and with five words ” not sold on you yet” my world crumbles and I feel like I should just jump off a bridge.  But why do I give these words so much credit?  I guess I care… or maybe I’m just insecure.  Or… wait a minute!  What it comes down to after reading what I  just wrote is… THICK SKIN is a must.   Pretty simple, but it took me close to 226 words to figure it out.  So the question is… what do you do to figure things out and get your head straight?  I just discovered mine… blogging!


  1. definitely shooting hoops alone. Sometimes in the dark.

  2. Usually writing helps clear my head and also going on long runs. Most of my ideas for this blog in fact come to me while running.

  3. My perfect meditation: a long trail run followed by a long session with my diary. Maybe with a glass of wine. Yeah.

  4. a hike in the woods, a walk along the coast . . i think nature’s always involved.

  5. I usually look at all my old photos of the Navy days and traveling and remember life is too short.

  6. I get frustrated sometimes because my music isn’t reaching as many people as I wish it would. Everyone says I have a beautiful voice, but my style is quite far outside the mainstream. Even though fame is not something I strive for, the indifference to my hard work hurts.
    How do I deal with it? I focus on my children. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, it is true. It is my happy reality, and what really matters.

  7. I usually have moments of clarity late at night, right before I go to sleep. So I have to jump up and write it down so I wont forget the next day. Of course the next day, it makes no since.

    If I need to work something out- i usually start sewing and it usually comes to me.

  8. medicate

  9. Totally off topic, and something I want to have a thick skin about: the Red Dawn remake, a topic that first introduced me to this awesome site.

    Sinister Communist propaganda posters all over Pontiac, Michigan. The worse is an ominous “Chinese/American Friendship Center,” which I initially read as “Chinese-American…”

    Imagine being asian walking through Pontiac (a small town where the soon-to-be-defunct GM brand got its name. Soon-to-be-defunct thanks to Japanese automakers, natch). Awkward!

    Call me a socialist, but some of the posters don’t seem that bad at all: the ones denouncing obscene choice, and the one that reads “Deceitful Leaders, Corrupt Corporations. This is not a Democracy.”

  10. i run

    and if that does not work, i consult someone with a bigger brain than me (which are many)

    and if that does not work, beer

  11. I’m a concept artist for a major studio, and when my work gets eff’d over or nitpicked to death I find the only way for me to get over it is to vent it out to a co-worker. I know that’s a pretty crappy thing to do all the time so I try to limit it to really fucked up situations. I just find that allows me seperate work stress from home life.

  12. i’m a night owl and tend to be most productive at around 1am. sometimes, i’ll take long drives around LA. sometimes go through the SGV or drive on wilshire from one end to another.

  13. If you are in the bidness of Show, have another life is my advice. Pref one grounded in reality. A job. A fam. Friends who aren’t thespians.

    My cacti don’t care one good goddam about my audition for a na commercial. The trout I catch and release don’t either. Fam sometimes does, but it’s water.

  14. I was really upset when I did not get the job I wanted this year. I dwelt on all the implications and complications for myself and my family. Then I realized, “Whether I get a particular job or not is, at the end of the day, up to someone else’s educated guess as to ‘how good I would be.’ And I cannot allow someone else’s opinion of me to determine MY opinion of me or my happiness.” Again, probably too many words, but that’s what I’ve learned (or relearned).

  15. I have a great problem moving around in the world with other people… and I know of a few other people with the same problems. I’ve learned a trick (or 3 dozen) that’s helped us to deal a bit better.

    I remind myself, and really make it a thought process, that I can’t know what another is really thinking. A stranger may be looking at me but really their mind is on the 103 things they still have left to do before getting to go home… so that look on their face has nothing to do with me… they may not even see me. Do you ever catch yourself looking at someone with absolutely no notion that you were or even why? It happens. It’s true what some say… “the world doesn’t revolve around me”… amazing, but ultimately true.

    And I value my opinion of myself over anyone else’s. I’m the one that has to live here… and if they are as flawed as I am, why would I think their deductions are any more correct than my own?

  16. I get this too… I recently had an audition and the casting director told me I was too good looking and they were looking for a typical korean man. WTF? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Irate and pissed off I stormed out of the room. Probably should have been grateful for the opportunity and left peacefully but fuck that.

    Thick skin… I dunno man. Sometimes I wonder to myself maybe it is my emotions and insecurities that make me who I am. Maybe it somehow correlates with my ability or passion to become an actor.


    btw, I’m your facebook friend Michael Kwangsoo Yoon!

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