Acting for Action w/Sung Kang – Lesson 3

Offender Sung’s third lesson happens to be on action acting for the fairer sex and his unfortunate victim this week is musician Clara C.

Will she leave empowered by valuable knowledge or harassed on a green screen red carpet? Is this even a fair question?

Internet Icon – The Word Challenge (Parts 1 and 2)

In the third episode of Internet Icon, the newly minted Top Ten compete to stay in the game. This week, contestants must use at least five of a list of ten words in their videos or risk getting eliminated.

Who will have the last word and who will be left speechless?

KevJumba Takes on Zombies w/Jay Park

KevJumba throws down the gauntlet, with Kpop star Jay Park picking it up this week. The two guys face off in a Paintball Zombie Apocalypse.

The one with the most zombie kills gets to keep his braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnns.

Just Before Dark (The Short List)

This week’s selection is a 2009 short by Timothy Kendall (who co-directed our promo with Offender Justin Lin) and all I have to say to the filmmakers is–Hey, stop documenting my dates!