The Internet Icon finalists lining up to sign-in on the first day of the shoot.

It seems fitting that today is the first day of shooting on our upcoming YOMYOMF YouTube Network show Internet Icon because it was almost exactly seven years ago on April 23, 2005 that the first video was uploaded to YouTube—changing the world forever.

So who would’ve thought that just seven years and a couple of days after that auspicious beginning, we’d be launching a competition to find the next “Internet icon” with one of the biggest personalities on YouTube (and our YOMYOMF network partner)—Ryan Higa–acting as a judge alongside Family Guy’s Christine Lakin and a rotating list of guest judges including some of the top names on YouTube like KassemG and Jenna Marbles (with our own very handsome Chester See acting as host)?

But here we are and as I write this, the Internet Icon finalists from all over the country have filed into the downtown L.A. studio that will be home to our show for the next week-and-a-half and are signing in:

And it’s going to be an intense week-and-a-half with contestants required to produce new videos each day with daily eliminations taking place until we get down to the final two contestants—with the “winner” being chosen by you, the viewer, when we air the show later this summer after our channel launches.

And what was that very first YouTube video uploaded seven years ago that started it all? Take a look:


  1. let’s hope the younglings create content much more humanizing than white saviors rescuing the AF from the evil AM.

    John Stratham doesn’t ever get tired of this? now with a pre-teen?

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