Seeing the promo is one thing.

Being on set for it was a whole different, insane beast altogether.

I’ve been a part of YOMYOMF since 2010 and even after two years with our – how do you say ‘crazy’ without saying ‘crazy’? Oh, right! – idiosyncratic crew, this was still the most loco thing I’d ever experienced with them.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I set foot in the studio that April morning. I came there prepared to be a production assistant; by the end of the shoot, I’d fought three dudes at the same time; gotten choked out by a professional wrestler; and played basketball!

Do you know how crazy that is? I don’t even know how to WATCH basketball!

Every shot I saw was a piece of a whole I couldn’t totally fathom yet – interesting and full of promise.

A firebreather?


A giant chicken?

More of this guy than I ever wanted to see?

This wasn’t a shoot – it was a bloody circus! But, of course, now with all those bits edited together, they make sense. At least as much as sense as killing for a banana.

Looking back now, I realize – like someone at the end of a movie – that the shoot perfectly embodies the whole YOMYOMF journey so far.

YOMYOMF started as a blog – this blog. And with every new individual that joined the team, there was another interesting piece full of promise.

Over the years, that big picture we were forming together started making more and more sense, becoming as clear and vivid as the finished promo, culminating with what you see now: the YOMYOMF Network.

The bottom line is we couldn’t have done this alone – any single one of us. It took a family to get us here–

–and it’s as a family that we move forward.

Thank you for being part of it – this is only the beginning.


  1. I wish I could be a PA or Intern at YOMYOMF!!! Man… Btw, I didn’t know you were also blogger. XD

  2. haha, aw man, I kind of wish I could work for you guys! If you guys have any openings, feel free to let me know!