Dan Inosanto; Jeremy Gough inset (Courtesy of the Inosanto Family)

The Mark Gordon Company is developing the story of Dan Inosanto, the protege of Bruce Lee and a martial arts icon in his own right.

A special congrats to our friends Diana Lee Inosanto (Inosanto’s daughter and Bruce Lee’s goddaughter) who will be producing and Ron Balicki who is executive producer!

Here’s more from the Hollywood Reporter:

Inosanto was Lee’s teacher, training partner and protege who ran and taught his trainings. He, like Lee, also made inroads into movies and Hollywood, appearing in films but also reportedly over the decades instructing notables such as Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Ricky Nelson.

In the mid-1970s, a conditioning coach named Dr. Bob Ward created a stealth program that involved then up-and-coming linesman Randy White, with Inosanto being the key ingredient in the training. Inosanto’s involvement is said to have been key to the Cowboys’ success on the road to the Super Bowl. (Incidentally, 1976 seems to be a magic year for the setting of inspirational sports movies, as Rocky and Mark Wahlberg’s Invincible are set in those years.)