As part of our new YOMYOMF Network series, The Short List, where we present short films we love every Friday at Noon EST, we’ve reached out to the filmmakers of each highlighted short film, and asked them 5 Questions. It’s a way for them to revisit their film and get an update on their next projects. You can view all The Short List films here.

This week, we ask 5 questions to Vincent Lin, the director of Love, NY.

1. How did you come up with the concept for this short?

I once dated a girl who didn’t speak English. It was exciting and awkward and because we didn’t speak the same language, we resorted to a lot of pointing and gesturing to communicate. To this day, it still amazes me how certain people are just able to get along with each other beyond perceivable barriers. The relationship was short lived, but strangely unique, memorable, and special. I would tell her that, but she wouldn’t understand what I was saying, so I wrote it into a movie.

2. Any challenges or setbacks during the production?

I am Taiwanese American and I don’t speak Korean. Jae Suh, who plays “Hyun”, spoke pretty much only in Korean for her role. It was a challenge because I had no idea what was going on, if she was even saying words or just making noises with her face. Luckily I had some native Korean speakers on set to help out the both of us. In a way though, this challenge was constructive in allowing me to focus exclusively on the nuance and subtleties in her performance.

3. Any funny stories from the making of this film?

I forgot to wear pants on the second day of shooting. Luckily Randall Park, our lead actor, forgot to wear a shirt. We alternated all day, being naked and fully dressed. Also, our sound guy fell into an open manhole and died.

4. Where has your film played? Festivals or other places around the world?

Love, NY has screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Asian American International Film Festival (NY) in early August, among others. We also showed on MNET American’s program “Short Notice” where we are up for the Jury and Audience award. I also played it in my living room for my dog, Poseidon. He gave it two paws up before crapping all over the carpet.

5. What’s been going on with you, filmmaking wise since the completion of this short? What are you working on next?

I am prepping for my next short film, and developing a feature. My production company, Valiant Pictures, is currently producing various projects including a pilot episode for an animated series. It’s fresh, funny, and we’re super excited to share it once it’s complete. I wrote it and am directing it. Animation is new to me and I have no idea what I’m doing, but please don’t tell anyone that. I am also designing a time machine. I’ve already successfully completed it two days from now.

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  1. Nice love story, of course made easier with Randall romancing his real life wife. Jae Suh.

  2. This short was amazing. I have been sharing it with everyone I know!