In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 just as it is here in the U.S., but there is one big difference. In Japan, women are expected to give presents to men as well as “giri” (obligation) chocolates to their male co-workers (men return the favor a month later on “White Day”).

But there’s a group that shows up every year to protest Valentine’s Day. Calling themselves the Kakumeiteki Himote Doumei (or, loosely, “The Revolutionary League of Lonely Souls”), the group gathered in Shibuya to march while holding signs with slogans like “Pulverize Valentine’s Day”, “Making out in public is terrorism”, “Resist romance capitalism!”, “Don’t discriminate others on the number of times they’ve had sex!” and “Resist the opposition to otaku culture that can be enjoyed even if you don’t have dates!”

Damn, these guys aren’t playing around.

There’s some indications that the group’s protests are just a publicity stunt, but they’ve been showing up since 2006 and also protest White Day and Christmas–basically, any holiday that Japanese couples do romantic things–so regardless of their motives, they’re clearly dedicated to spreading their message that public displays of affection are tantamount to a terrorist attack.