swinefluSome parents are shocked and outraged that a Stamford-based company—GIANTmicrobes—is selling swine flu-shaped stuffed animals. In fact, the pink 7-inch version of the dreaded H1N1 microbe is a huge seller at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s gift shop in Atlanta, GA.

CDC spokesman Dave Daigle told the press, “People will buy it to explain the virus to children. You’ll also find other people who just have to have it for whatever reason.”

In fact, GIANTmicrobes has a whole line of “educational” plush toys based on various diseases, viruses and microbes. Personally, if I were a kid, I’d think these were cool and with most of these toys selling for under $10 each, they are an affordable, fun and educational gift for any inquisitive youth in your life. Hell, I’d be happy to get any of these now (Christmas hint)! And are these really any more inappropriate than giving your child something like this:


 (“Pop, I’m gonna shoot me some illegal aliens!”)

You can check out the whole line at GIANTmicrobes’ website, but here are some of my favorites.

We start with the common cold:

coldThe MRSA:

mrsaThe E.coli:

ecoliLyme disease:

lymeMad cow disease:

madcowThe Flesh-eating virus:

flesheatingAthlete’s foot:

athletefootThe ebola:

ebolaAnd a whole line devoted to sexually-transmitted diseases:

microbes-1Enjoy, boys and girls!



  1. i love how the STD’s are the cutest and most desireable of the lot. “mom! i want STD’s!!!”

  2. I want to tickle people with E. Coli!

  3. so these are sold at the Center for Disease Control gift shop? Does the CDC actually hold tours?!?

  4. Flesh eating virus looks like it belongs in a Miyazaki film.

  5. Flesh eating virus looks like a character from a Miyazaki film.

  6. omg. These are hilarious! Hm, I wonder if I get my kid a bunch of these if they’ll increase her desire to be a doctor/microbiologist/scientist when she grows up. Cos those diseases, viruses and microbes be cute. ;p

  7. We actually have a malaria one in our office. I used it to teach my friends about quinine.

  8. Anderson, I believe the CDC does do tours. At the least I know they have a visitor’s center so there must be some sort of tourist deal.

  9. lol, these are all sold at thinkgeek.com too