#BoycottHawaii started when a local judge blocked President Trump’s revised travel ban. Ryan Ozawa, who goes by @Hawaii on Twitter, has had to bear the brunt of the internet’s anger.

According to Hawaii News Now, in the wake of U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson’s ruling to block the Trump administration’s revised travel ban, #BoycottHawaii soon went viral and it seems most Hawaii residents could care less.

But for Ozawa, it’s proved to be a minor nuisance, which he laughs off. A self-proclaimed nerd and technology evangelist, he signed up for Twitter way back when it first started, and made @Hawaii his username. He regularly gets tweets and direct messages from people thinking his Twitter handle is the official account for the 50th state, and usually gets questions from tourists.

Until #BoycottHawaii became a thing and he was getting lots of ire from Trump supporters:

”Most of these people are just trying to vent, either express their love or their anger at Hawaii. And they’re trying to be funny and they’re trying to be clever,” Ozawa said. “I think they’re funny, perhaps in a different way that they think they’re funny, but i’m enjoying it too, so it’s a win-win.

Ozawa said he was on his lunch break at his office when his phone started going off “like crazy” with Twitter notifications.

Trump supporters and opponents appeared to inadvertently target his handle with both hate and praise believing it was directed toward the state, rather than at a single person.

In the video above, Ozawa seems to take it in stride, reading some choice hate tweets he’s getting. If I could interject, I would totally sick the #GrammarPolice on these morons. But, that’s just me.

To read the rest of the article, head over to Hawaii News Now: Owner of @Hawaii Twitter handle bears brunt of #BoycottHawaii tweets


  1. No worries.The low life trump voting bottom feeders don’t have the money for a Hawaii trip anyway.