The New York Times released their list of the Best TV shows of 2017 and included was the Korean drama STRANGER, which is available on Netflix here in the U.S. In general, it’s great to see an Asian series recognized in this way, except in this case, there was a little problem with the Times’ original description of the show:

Yup, the Times acknowledged it was including the show to fill its “affirmative-action slot” which is both foolishly honest and downright fucked-up. Realizing their error, the Times revised the description by removing the offending statement. This is how it reads now:

When the text is revised once a story has been published, there is usually a correction statement that runs at the bottom of the article. And indeed the Times did run a correction, but as you can see that is also problematic:

Yup, no mention of the original “affirmative-action” statement. It’s as if that version of the description never existed.

And if you need to ask why the original wording was problematic in the first place, Jenn at Reappropriate does a great job of dishing out the 411 in her twitter thread: