The Asian influences behind ROGUE ONE and the whole goshdarned STAR WARS universe is a well-documented topic, but it bears revisiting now, epecially because I’ve talked to dudes in the past week who are all, “Donnie Yen is a martial-arts master again? Isn’t that a troublesome Asian stereotype?”

Well, YES. Never mind that Donnie Yen usually plays a martial-arts master.

And NO. Because to take offense by his inclusion you’re kind of ignoring the fact that STAR WARS has lifted from Asian (mainly Chinese and Japanese) martial, philosophical, and cinematic culture this whole time and so it’s kind of cool now that there are some actual Asian faces spouting the Force/Dao De Jing wisdom instead of a lovable short green alien basically paraphrasing Lao Tzu.

So ANYWAY, Chris and I podcasted about it on our smart-geek themed show called Elevating The Genre. It’s much more an Itunes-audio-while-you’re-Force-training kind of show then a visual feast, but if you prefer to watch the Youtoob version, here ’tis.

Chris, a filmmaker as well as a recovering fight coordinator/martial artist, brings special insight into Chirrut Imwe’s fighting scenes, we both blab about Kurosawa and Daoism for a bit, and then of course we gotta touch on why the GHOST IN THE SHELL movie still looks all wrong.

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