Geek culture has become mainstream within the past several years, making it a great time to be alive for all and any geeks. Marvel is churning out one movie after another, STAR WARS is back and better than ever, suddenly everyone wants to be a Pokemon trainer, getting tickets for Comic-Con nowadays requires quite a bit of strategy, and more. We’ve seen the power of geekdom expressed in all the usual platforms; from TV to YouTube. However, the one place where this culture hasn’t been shown is through the medium of theatre.

Enter “The Geek Show;” an upcoming theatrical production presented by the San Francisco-based Bindlestiff Studio – the only theater dedicated to showcasing Filipino American and Filipino performing arts in the United States. It’s the ultimate love letter to geek culture, as the show celebrates geek culture, critiques geek culture, and explores inclusion of different kinds of geeks within geek culture. From comedy sketches to much deeper pieces, “The Geek Show” aims to spotlight the loyalty, the love, the struggles, and the overall journey of what it means to be a geek.

An Indiegogo campaign has recently launched to cover production expenses. That’s where help is needed. $3,000 is the target goal, and so any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Not to mention that there are some awesome perks that come with it.

As a co-producer and co-writer for this production, I’m personally looking forward to seeing it unfold into fruition. Everyone has been working so hard the past several months to make it what it is, and hope that everyone who comes to see it will understand the kind of insight we brought to the table on what it’s like to be geek.

“The Geek Show” will be showing on April 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, and 29th at Bindlestiff Studio.