The Cybertronic Spree perform “Dare” by Vince DiCola and Stan Bush to celebrate the 30th anniversary of TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, which is still the best Transformers movie out there.

This tribute band exclusively plays songs from the film’s official soundtrack, which was so quintessential ‘80s, but were apropos to the trials and tribulations that the Autobots had to go through in the film. In fact, for many kids, it was their first foray into dealing with death (as in the death of Optimus Prime, but also countless deaths of Autobots that they grew up and loved on the weekday TV show).

So, 30 years later, we celebrate this seminal, under appreciated film. And the Cybertronic Spree totally kills it, with their amazing cosplay, musical know how and sheer and pure love for TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE. If you’re still not impressed with the video above, then check out this video of them performing the most greatest song out of the TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE soundtrack, “The Touch!”