We know the sequel to this summer’s box office hit CRAZY RICH ASIANS is already being developed, but now we also know that we may be getting two sequels (presumably based on CRA author Kevin Kwan’s next two books in the trilogy, CRAZY RICH GIRLFRIEND and RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS) and they may shoot back-to-back.

CRA producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson have said they are developing not one, but two sequels to CRA (with original screenwriters Adele Lim and Peter Chiarelli) and the plan is to shoot them back-to-back depending on the availability of talent.

“There’s a great appetite both commercially and critically to see these types of stories, ones which used to be overlooked by an industry that tended to favor stories by people who look like corporate board rooms instead of audiences,” said Jacobson.

Director Jon M. Chu is expected to return with an eye to go into production on CRAZY RICH ASIANS 2 and 3 in 2020 after he finishes helming his big screen adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical IN THE HEIGHTS.

“We’ll make it up to (the fans) on the back end,” Jacobson said about the long wait for the sequel, “by shooting two films together.”