Soooo apparently the British Museum thinks that Asian names are too confusing to use for educating 16 year olds – I know what in the actual eff? So my reading of this is in a bid to make things easier for 16 year olds, they will be botching history and not use the technical names and terms? How is that educating? It is seriously a lame and pathetic excuse – and I am not the only one who thinks that.

This fiasco happened during a Twitter Q & A the British Museum conducted called “ASK A CURATOR”...

and the question was about making labels which will appeal to a diverse and wide range of people. The curator answering the questions Jane Portal made that stupid statement:

they try not to use too many Asian names, since they can be “confusing” to the 16-year-olds who they’re trying to educate..

“We aim to be understandable by 16 year olds. Sometimes Asian names can be confusing, so we have to be careful about using too many.”

Uh huh you heard it right here and it caused her to be the talk of Twitter instead of being a Q&A….She later tried to mask her ignorance by talking about how labels can only accept certain lengths of names…. here are the angry responses to her dumb statements….

And a few hours later as usual, the British Museum offered a statement about what happened.. what do you think??

I will leave it there because it’s clear that the British Museum have a lot of soul searching to do in terms of understanding how to be more diverse and culturally sensitive… let us know what you think…

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