I am trying to work out the logic behind how this is appropriate? I mean this particular campaign is about promoting curry, and they get a white Olympian to dress up in an Indian sari and placing a bindi on her forehead to endorse it – seriously what the eff?

The Aussie Olympian’s name is Stephanie Rice, and she has become the brand ambassador of some sort for curries as a cuisine. Now I have no issues with her promoting curry etc, but why are they dressing her up in traditional South Asian clothing? Is this cultural appropriation? I think it is and it again shows how tone deaf Australia is with regards to their cultural competency. As I stated this campaign is not a bad one and it is about raising money for those in need.

It is supported by the “Opportunity International” platform which seems to work in Asia and in Africa – and they get a white woman to promote curry? WTF? Here is the purpose of the campaign:

The Great Australian Curry is all about having a whole lot of fun and raising much-needed funds for families in need. All you need to do is cook up a favourite curry and share it with family, friends or colleagues at home or work (or head out to enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant!), then ask your guests for donations to help give a hand up to families living in poverty through Opportunity International Australia.

Yah, as I said, good intentions, but the execution is an epic fail. To culturally appropriate South Asian culture is so wrong and demonstrates how Oz is still way behind the a-ball when it comes to cultural competency. 

FYI the entire BOARD OF DIRECTORS are all white… and really going through their “council’ and “leadership team”, I only found 2 Asian background people…sooo…. yeah…. ummm WTF….

What do you think? Agree with me or am I being overly sensitive?

Images via Opportunity International