And nope.

The best Christmas gift I ever got – my kids’  artwork excepted – any parent will tell you that’s an instant slam dunk…

…was a nylon shoulder bag my wife Linda bought me five years ago.

It’s just a practical ho hum object: a black bag with the “Shure” logo on it, but that simple bag revealed so much thoughtfulness that I was completely bowled over by it.

Before that bag, I used to lug my paperwork and records (not paper records – I’m talking about those 12 inch circular vinyl platters from which music magically emerges) to the bars I co-own in paper or plastic bags from the grocery store, and, invariably, they would tear and fall apart after a week or two.

I said nothing about this to my wife.

And yet she got me a much better version of the same thing – a sturdy bag with a shoulder strap that left my hands free.

Do you know what this means?

This means she must’ve been watching me walk to the car with the old paper bags, and noticed that they were falling apart and that it was clunky for me to fish my keys out of my pocket while carrying them.

So she thought to herself, “hmm, that looks uncomfortable and awkward for him.  What can I do to help?”

This, to me, is staggering in its compassion and care.  Everyone in the family knows I love See’s candies, a nice shirt, or puzzles.  All no brainers.  And all very much appreciated.

But picking out this bag – now so worn that the clasp holding the shoulder strap has broken and some of the nylon is beginning to fray…

…was an act of love that can’t be understated.

Linda’s robe and slippers are worn, and she hinted she’d like new ones for Christmas.  Sadly, she had to drop that hint – I wouldn’t have picked up on it otherwise.

Guess that’s why they call them this…


  1. Oh, I missed this one! How nice… then she is the best gift in your life! Congratulations. I must say that this year I had amazing new headphones! I cannot stand the ones that come with the mobile, no matter how ergonomic they are, nothing, absolutely nothing, goes into my ears. They are as big a the radio ones, but I love them! And they cut me off from the real life… what a gift. Still, my husband did an amazing public acknowledgment that I consider the best of all so far.

  2. ‘They’ meant my new headphones, not my ears… just in case 🙂