I am actually excited to see this, because for the first time I can watch episodes of this show which doesn’t feature white people at all. Yes, it is “THE BACHELOR: VIETNAM” ( translation in Vietnamese is “SINGLE GUY”) with the bachelor himself, Nguyễn Quốc Trung looking very hot, hunky and just YUM!

The series appears to go on like every other THE BACHELOR series we have seen in the West, with 24 contestants doing their best to win the affections of Nguyen. There will be lots of drama, and probably jealousy as to who has the affections of the handsome Vietnamese bachelor, but I think it is worthy of a watch if you can. I definitely will find a way to check this out.

This is what Nguyen said upon being chosen as the “bachelor” to Sputnik News Vietnam:

“I was extremely happy to be selected as the first ” single guy. ” Before, I never thought of looking for a lover through a TV show, but when I joined, I had Interesting experiences and have found the emotions that I never before, I sincerely thank the program gave me the memories will certainly never forget in life.

Check out the trailer!!!

Images via YouTube

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