If you are familiar with the Asian diaspora social media space, then you would have come across an article written on Medium by a “ANGIE LEE”, who claimed to be a former Asian white supremacist.  Her story was about how she fell into the wanting to assimilate and being with a white man at all costs, and somehow becoming an Asian white supremacist (due to her former partner being involved in that movement). She somehow escaped it, became a single mom and saw the error of her ways… well sorry to say this entire account may just be #FAKENEWS. Here is a cached version of the original article which has been removed.

This article which was written last year started to recently making its rounds online and stirred up a lot of discussion, debate and finger pointing. In some groups, where #ToxicAsianMasculinity exists it became a circle jerk fest with comments ( that I have seen via screen caps) pretty much alluding to the “hey sell out Asian feminists/SJWs see we told you so”… type attitudes. Well the joke is on them because this so called “ANGIE LEE” may be a fake account and her entire story may be #FAKENEWS.

Jenn Fang of REAPPROPRIATE did extensive research and broke this as breaking news based on calls and requests from fellow Asian sisters in the social media space who found that the medium account of ANGIE LEE was linked to a Twitter handle of @hypermasculazn… suspicious? Since Fang’s article was published, this Twitter handle has been deactivated and the medium article removed by the author. The medium profile of ANGIE LEE was also subsequently gone.

Here are some of the insights, research and observations pointed out by Jenn at Reappropriate:

However, some are now wondering whether the essay might also be entirely fake.

Questions about the essay’s authenticity were independently raised to me by two separate readers. Each pointed out an easily-overlooked contradictory detail about the post: that author Angie Lee’s profile (Medium.com/@SouthernAsianGal) on the blog-publishing platform Medium is linked to the Twitter account, @hmasculazn. Twitter user @Quincetessence published the following photo in a tweet, showing the connection between Lee’s profile and @hmasculazn’s Twitter account, as obtained when loading the site on a desktop computer:

If attempting to share Lee’s essay from a mobile device to Twitter, the automatically generated tweet also shows that the essay is authored by the @hmasculazn Twitter account.

Although Angie Lee describes herself as a Taiwanese American single mother and former neo-Nazi, the author of the @hmasculazn Twitter account describes himself as a biracial Asian American man, former drug dealer, and proud “hypermasculazn” who uses his Twitter account to repeatedly urge Asian Americans to commit violent crimes. In one tweet, posted on August 22, 2016, @hmasculazn describes himself as an “AA male” (where AA is short-form for Asian American), and in another posted in January of this year, he describes himself as a “#Hypermasculazn hapa ready to destroy [his] toxic patriarch father”.

The @hmasculazn account is one of several Twitter accounts created in August of 2016 that specifically reference the #HyperMasculAZNs hashtag and whose first or only tweets were direct rebukes of the tag. The hashtag (and the term itself) originated as a Twitter townhall organized by AAPI progressive group 18MillionRising as an effort to discuss sexism and toxic masculinity as it intersects with the AAPI community. I was invited, along with several other Twitter users and representatives from both Man Forward and GAPIMNY, to participate in the townhall and together we tweeted on a variety of topics relating to sexism, patriarchy, masculinity and race for a little over an hour on August 5, 2016. After the hashtag trended and the townhall was picked up by larger media outlets such as Daily Dot, the hashtag was intentionally co-opted by a small cadre of Asian American mens’ rights activists seeking to rebuke those involved, including @hmasculazn and other users who appear to have created Twitter accounts specifically for this purpose.

Indeed, a closer examination suggests that the @hmasculazn Twitter account was created specifically to troll AAPI feminists while working to associate the #HyperMasculAZNs tag with invocations of criminal violence. Primarily active through the month of August 2016, @hmasculazns resurfaced this January with a flurry of tweets still directed at participants of last August’s Twitter townhall. It’s no surprise therefore that this account has only four followers, and that its entire Twitter activity has been focused on this cause.

Interestingly, reader S.V. pointed out to me that Angie Lee’s Medium profile was also created on August 23, 2016 (the same day when Lee’s essay was published), exactly one day after the @hmasculazn Twitter account went live. Importantly, to link a Twitter account to Medium requires that the Medium user provide password authorization with Twitter. Taken together, this is strong evidence that the same user is behind both the @hmasculazn account and the Angie Lee Medium essay — even though one account purports to be written by a biracial Asian American man and former drug dealer with possibly homicidal ideology, and the other purports to be written by a reformed Asian American female neo-Nazi and single mother of a seven-year-old child.

So how does this potentially deceptive article hurt the cause? Well as Jenn pointed out this may have been an attempt to troll Asian feminists. I agree 100% with that assessment, and can talk about that from personal experience. It is one thing to talk about the racial and gender dynamics of interracial coupling, but it is another thing to make shit up to further your agendas. This works against the cause and just makes this important debate a complete joke and farce. It also de-legitimises an important debate about the pros and cons of AM/WF and AF/WM… we all know that anything which focuses on these types of interracial relationships will always stir up robust debates and discussions. In addition, I question whether many fell for this, not thinking about doing additional research and taking it all on face value, and whether some people’s anger on interracial couplings which involve a white male consumed their rational thought and thinkings?

Whatever the case, this is a good lesson for us all, to check out sources before endorsing content. The fact that this ANGIE LEE Medium account was linked to Twitter @hypermasculazn is very fishy and the fact that the article, Twitter and accounts have been deactivated is even more fishy.

Let us know what you all think.

Images via Reappropriate

To read the full article, please click on: BREAKING: Viral Story About “Asian White Supremacist” May Be Fake


  1. I think what’s more significant than this story being fabricated is the fact that it was believable and familiar enough to be taken seriously by the AM community.

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  2. Major applause for Jenn Fang’s research and thank you for spreading the important word. Our community mutually supports the truth just as done here.

  3. Jenn Fang did not “research” anything. What’s the important word “richard?” Gaslighting?

  4. It doesn’t matter if this was fake. The fact that this story reflects what many of us know to be real afs should be what’s important.