I’ve already made the irrefutable argument that fast food in Asia is a gazillion times more awesome than the fast food here in the U.S. Here’s further proof of this—behold, McDonald’s Mashed Potato Burger (available only in China):

It’s a double patty burger with the usual fixings plus bacon and mashed potatoes. This is part of McDonald’s “Manly Man” campaign; geared toward China’s “young urban meat lovers.” Just looking at the picture of the burger, I can already feel a chest hair lots of chest hairs sprouting on my body.

Between this, the Japanese Burger King’s Windows 7 Whopper (count ‘em—seven friggin’ patties):

And what appears to be the Windows 7 Double Whopper:

I think a road trip to Asia is in order.

File under: I want to go to there.


  1. Me and my family will join u.

  2. i’m a mac girl, but i’m willilng to give windows a shot.

  3. who needs drone strikes and laser gps precision bombs when you can drop the culture bomb on populations.

    American media propaganda is way more nefarious than anything Leni Riefenstahl could come up with.

  4. Still, I would trade it all for In N Out – grilled onions, ketchup and mustard instead of the spread.

  5. Something like that should come with Ex Lax. To sell it without is socially irresponsible.