5:13 am. “That’s a wrap!” Last day on set feels like saying goodbye to relatives after spending a summer with them. Indi films rarely feel like a summer vacation, more like a suicide deployment to Afganistan. There is a fine line between a good indi film and a horrible one. You are at the mercy of so many things on a film, weather, locations, etc, etc. With money you can buy your way out some problms, on a Indi film your currency goes as deep as your belief in the film. It’s amazing how far sincerity and belief in something goes. However, there is a thin line between belief and lunacy.

By the second week, people are way too tired, way under payed, way too sick. Idealistic fervor is replaced with thoughts of regret and time waisted. Think of it like a battalion of soldiers. It’s nice a exciting when you start but you quickly realize the reality of not having enough of anything to fight a fair fight.

On rare occasions the ‘Movie Gods’ bless a production. Maybe it’s the people that assemble from the top. Maybe they did something right in their past lives. Maybe we just got lucky. To a certain degree it’s like parenting. A family can lack money, but if parents instill heart and laughter the kids usually turn out happy. In a couple of years I won’t remember much of the story line or even my characters name for that matter. However, I will never forget the smiles and sounds of laughter of this crew. I think I know why I act. It ‘s the people that make up the whole experience. I use to think I act to say something deeper or things that went beyond understanding. It’s funny, when you act for something other your self it makes everything so much easier.

Adios party people. be well, be happy.


  1. It’s always sad to say good-bye.

  2. Again, just like Mr. Good, I am digging that last line, about someone other than yourself. I know I don’t get to visit your blog real often, but I enjoy it so much when I do. Hugs!

  3. And, with any luck and some hard work, perhaps I will have that indie film feeling someday. To be a part of it…..

  4. I hope it’s clap … I would love to see that movie u look soooo good …love ya