Just wrapped Fast Five in Rio! Huge thank you to our dedicated crew and all the communities for their patience and hospitality.

Shooting on location is one of my favorite aspects of being a filmmaker. Not only do we get unprecedented access and support, I also get to learn and understand the inner workings of each respective locale and people.

Oh, and I get to eat great food. In Rio, it’s all about red meat, cheese and fruit. And at Cervantes, you get all three. I like my filet rare with pineapple wrapped around their signature block of perpetually melted cheese.

Another perk of studio gigs is you get to stay at hotels you only see in James Bond movies.

In Rio it’s the Copacabana Palace. But when the cast of Fast Five, Twilight, and Jonas Brothers all stay at the same place, you get hundred of screaming fans parked right outside. And they were definitely screaming- all day and night. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to go on set and they were still screaming. Even the rain couldn’t deter them. Now those are fans.

And finally, I found out that unlike the U.S. where we count how much money a film makes, in Brazil they measure each film by how many people go see it. That should tell us something.

Dark little editing rooms, here I come.


  1. The Jonas brothers??!! My knees are buckling already. Do they have fainting couches in Brazil?

  2. Looking forward to FFF.

  3. When will we see FFF?

  4. oh sweet jesus – that sandwich looks like it still has blood in it

    those are the best kinds!

  5. @Kate, Fast5 will be coming to a theater near you next June.

  6. Good luck with the edit Justin! Looking forward to Fast 5!!!

  7. AHHHHH!!!!! You were near the Jonas Brothers????? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  8. I might still have some “coodies spray” in a box somewhere.

    Nice hotel. Yeah….the $$$$ figure gets misleading because of the inflated/variable ticket prices over time. It really should be tickets sold/persons viewed, etc.

    Congrats on finishing the shoot! Look forward to seeing all of the great work…. 😀

  9. ….and keep it up, maybe you’ll get to direct a future Bond-film (if MGM & it’s creditors & EON would get off their a$$e$). I’ll put in a good word for ya. lol.

  10. I am SO there to see it! If only I can pre-order my tickets right now >.<

  11. Need my Fast and the Furious fix NOW Please. There is nothing good at the movies rite now thats as good as what you do. I soo gotta see it soon.

  12. Please call the 6th movie “Fastest of the Furious”.

  13. Can’t wait till FFF comes out! I’ve been looking forward to it since i heard you were making it! Support you and Sung, and the FF family!

  14. Thank you about everything.
    and Congratulations ’cause Fast 5 is AWESOME 😉

    see ya!

  15. well, I cant wait for the sixth fast and furious to come out!! But how would you be abl to be in a movie like that ?

  16. The film is very nice shame that you used “Even God could not open it” or something like that … is blasphemy…[-(

  17. instede of “shame” is “bed”…sorry…i couldn’t find the right word…:d