This sends sheer chills to my bones, and it again makes me question about how adoptive parents are chosen and in this case well, you can see that this father is not fit to be a parent. 37 year old Wesley Matthews has been taken into custody under suspicion of child endangerment according to police reports for telling his daughter Sherin to stand outside by herself at night near an alley behind her home. May I add that Sherin is only 3 years old and this was all over the fact that she refused to drink her milk.

According to Raw Story who reported on this:

“Mathews said he directed his daughter to stand near a large tree at approximately 3 a.m. (on Saturday) because she wouldn’t drink her milk,” an arrest affidavit said. 

The father told police he checked on her about 15 minutes later and she was gone, the affidavit said.
About five hours after sending her outside, Mathews called police to report her missing, a police spokesman said. 

Mathews told police that he had seen coyotes in the alley near where he told his daughter to stand, the affidavit said.
Sherin was born in India and had been adopted by Mathews’ family. She suffered from malnourishment before arriving in the United States and is on a special diet, said Sergeant Kevin Perlich, a spokesman for the Richardson Police Department.

So as of now Sherin is still missing and I guess all our concerns is that the poor little girl met an unfortunate fate. Who the hell in their right minds would leave their child to the mercy of coyotes? She is only 3 years old – what kind of father is Matthews? How was he able to become an adoptive parent? This is the second case of abuse by adoptive parents we have reported on, with the other about the Adams County woman who locked her 2 adoptive daughters up and subjected them to neglect. The 2 girls (adopted from China and Mongolia) spent many years being subjected to this neglect.

I will definitely follow this story and see where it goes.

Images via Raw Story

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