This is wonderful news, and comes to use courtesy of Canada. As many of you will have realised I am getting obsessed with Asian Canadian comedy series Kim’s Convenience, which is about a Korean Canadian family who own and operate a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Before this show was made for TV it was originally a stage play, and it is absolutely awesome if you get a chance to watch it.

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the stars Simu Liu and will have my piece on that interview up very soon. Anyways, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee won a Canadian Screen Award, which I presume is similar to the Emmy Awards for “Best Actor” in a “Comedy Series”. He received a standing ovation when he made a moving speech about the importance of family, sacrifice and the importance of immigrants to Canada. It became emotional when he expressed his passion and appreciation of being able to play an immigrant character on national Canadian TV and be able to tell this important story. 

This is what he said in his speech (H/T Huffington Post):

“I’m living in a dream. Thank you so much,” he began. “I have to say that I am an immigrant and I am a Canadian. In this weird sort of political time, the portrayal of an immigrant family on a national broadcaster doing what all families do – which is try to make a life for themselves through the laughter, through the tears, through the fights, through the love – is so much more important now than ever before.”

“It normalizes us, and it shows people that we might have some cultural differences, but when it comes to family, we are all the same,” he continued. “Our strength has been and always will be diversity in this country. And I’ve never been more proud to be Canadian than I am right now.”

Just listen to how great his speech is, it even sent shivers down my spine. It is also just amazing to see how well Canada is doing with regards to getting more Asian content on the TV screens. I think I have become Canadian obsessed and have some great pieces coming soon from that part of the world. So to end, here are some tweets about Paul’s speech.

Images via Huffington Post

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Canadian Screen Awards 2017: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Delivers Moving Speech About Family