Let me just say right off the back that I’ve never been a part of the POWER RANGERS fandom. As a 90’s kid, I just knew that it was there, there were kids my age who were into it, and it was popular enough that one of my childhood best friends dressed up as the Pink Ranger for Halloween one year.

However, in light of the latest POWER RANGERS film entering theaters everywhere tomorrow, I wanted to bring up this inspiring interview that was done with actor Thuy Trang; the sole Asian American Power Ranger in the original MIGHTY  MORPHIN POWER RANGERS series.

In conversation with actor James Hong, Trang talks of the incredibly insane journey she made with her family when they immigrated to America. Originally from Vietnam, they escaped during the time when the country was, in her words, “falling apart from Communism.” For many months, they were on a boat en route to the United States, with little to no food and water. However, thanks to her mother, she survived the journey to, what came to be, quite an incredible life for her.

Trang also touches on the auditioning process for POWER RANGERS and how there was a wide diversity of girls brought in for the role of the Yellow Ranger. However, via process of elimination, she was the one who wound up winning the role, and her background in Shaolin Kung Fu made her out to be one badass Power Ranger!

The interview ends on a positive note, as Trang encourages anyone out there who is watching that if you put your mind to something, you can do anything; as she refers back to her life story of her journey to this country and later originating a role on a beloved superhero children’s series.

Trang sadly died in 2001 from a car accident at the age of 27, but in a time now where Asian American representation and inclusion in the media is steadily growing and in much more demand than ever before, her words of optimism and encouragement are just as relevant.