Hey, this is really awesome! A series of photos of a court lady from the Tang Dynasty (China) have gone viral online. You can see her being shy and eating a bowl of “tangyuan” which are rice balls usually in a sweet and gingery syrup. It is usually consumed during the “Lantern Festival”. These photos were done by clothing designer  Ao Luojia, and why it has gone viral is because of how uncanny and perfect the cosplay is. It is also natural and embraces positive body stereotypes and hence why I love them. Here is more info (via Shanghaiist):

38-year-old Ao Luojia says that she was inspired by a piece of Tang era pottery from the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi’an to create the photo shoots. In contrast to China today, the standard of beauty during the Tang dynasty (618–907) was for women to be plump and voluptuous, with the extra fat indicating that they were wealthy.
Ao creates traditional Chinese clothing for contemporary Chinese women. Ahead of last week’s Lantern Festival, she modeled for a series of photos in her own self-designed costumes showing a court lady of the Tang dynasty reluctantly devouring a bowl of sweet rice dumplings (tangyuan 汤圆), the festival’s specialty:

Enjoy these pictures!

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