So if you remember Shan Ju Lin, is  a Taiwanese Australian who is running as a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, has now made the headlines for more hateful statements.

She embarrasses me as a proud Asian Australian and I need to keep saying, she does not represent me what so ever. She initially became “famous” just before Christmas last year, when she publicly announced she would be standing as a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, and said that “Good Asians will like her and vote for her and Pauline Hanson”. When this all came to light I wrote a post about it titled Taiwanese Australian Who Is Running For A Racist Political Party, Believes “Good Asians” Will Like Her

She also said other problematic things such as how white people can’t tell the difference between Asians and just some usual drivel of China bashing. And where I am not criticising her being anti-China, because that is her right, I do believe she is blinded by this hate and has now somehow become a “white supremacist” – even though she will never ever be accepted as an equal in this group.

Anyways, the Huffington Post reported about her views on the LGBTIQ community due to her homophobic social media posts. In one she stated that “Gays should be treated as patients”… yes, she is indeed this ignorant. Here is what the Huffington Post stated:

One Nation candidate Shan Ju Lin has labeled LGBTI people ‘patients who need treatment’ in a tirade set off by an out-of-date news story.
Ju Lin shared a 2015 story on Facebook on Friday about a U.K. couple who faced court over allegations of rape.
They were cleared of all charges that same year, yet the article Ju Lin shared did not indicate that.
Ju Lin accompanied the post with the remarks: “Abnormal sex behaviour leads to abnormal crime. Gays should be treated as patients, they need to receive treatments.”

And here is what Shan said about the next POTUS – yes she loves him:

“I disagree that they should be considered controversial, they were both democratically elected by their own nations, and we need to respect that,”

“They both now maintain that they will work together, cooperatively to defeat terrorism. This is a welcome development, and would be greeted as such by most people.
“Putin already has a good track record of fighting terrorism, but we are yet to see how effective Trump will be.”

Again, I will just finally state that Shan is an opportunist and wants her 5 minutes of fame. Her views are extremely problematic and sets Asian advocacy and empowerment back 100 years. 

Absolutely pathetic. At least there are some “bad Asians” and others like myself who have not bought into her bull shit:

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Pauline Hanson Candidate Says ‘Gays Should Be Treated As Patients’