susaneLand a dark comedic series which I co-created, co-wrote and produced has officially launched! All episodes are online at susaneLand.

Nearly two years ago we started crowdfunding where we garnered social media support from John Cho (my hero) and Ken Jeong (my other hero). It meant the world to me to have their support.

When we got into Sundance it was a DREAM COME TRUE. It was such an honor to premiere our series there. We just finished our festival run winning Best Short-Form Comedy at the New York TV Fest and Best Short Comedy at ITV Fest. What a journey!!!

My partner Andrew Olsen and I set out to create a comedic series with an Asian American female lead and diverse cast and crew and I’m happy to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. It’s been quite the ride and I’m thrilled to finally share the work of so many amazing people who helped us create susaneLand! Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Viewing!

First ep below and check out the rest here:

susane xo