A collective of Asian American filmmakers in Seattle, led by award-winning director Bao Tran, has a Kickstarter campaign that ends in a few days. Entitled THE PAPER TIGERS, the logline of the film is pure kung fu comedy:

A Kung Fu indie feature film about three guys who are one kick away from pulling their hamstrings. This one’s for the underdogs.

They’re over 50% of their goal. Our readers should consider contributing to their campaign because this is definitely a case of Asian American film fans taking control of their stories and paying homage to classic Hong Kong cinema.

In fact, Tran and his crew have already shot a few scenes already and are using it as a proof of concept/sneak peek:

THE PAPER TIGERS 三紙老虎 – Kung Fu Film – Sneak Preview from Tran Quoc Bao on Vimeo.

Tran is well known in the Asian American film scene, and I am a huge fan of his short film BOOKIE, which we presented on the YOMYOMF Short List.

Plus, the martial arts aficionado has the chops, having been mentored by the one and only Corey Yuen, perhaps one of the most prolific martial arts fight coordinators in Hong Kong.

It is an ambitious project, but it can be done if we all contribute to their Kickstarter campaign. I know this project has been swimming in Tran’s head for a long time, and we look forward to seeing it on the big screen. Let’s give him the means to make it happen!

Go to THE PAPER TIGERS Kickstarter page and make a contribution!