Sung Kang, Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell (via Getty Images)

We previously blogged about Offender and FAST & FURIOUS star Sung Kang joining the cast of Robbie and Stephen Amell’s film CODE 8. The casting is official and shooting has now begun.

Here’s more from the Hollywood Reporter:

Kang will play Agent Park, the head of a militarized police unit in the indie directed by Jeff Chan and shooting through mid-July in Toronto. Code 8 is set in a world where 4 percent of the population is born with varying supernatural abilities, but rather than be billionaires or superheroes, most “specials” face discrimination, live in poverty and often resort to crime.

That leaves Connor Reed, played by The Flash star Robbie Amell, as a powerful young man struggling to pay for his ailing mother’s medical treatment. To earn money, he joins a criminal world led by Garrett, played by Arrow star Stephen Amell.

Kari Matchett, Greg Bryk and Aaron Abrams also round out the ensemble cast for Code 8. A 2019 release is planned.

Congrats and break a leg to Sung!


  1. I have a feeling that Kang will be villain in this movie…

  2. This should be an awesome show.