If you are an emerging writer and have dream about writing for Hollywood or a television network, then you may be interested in applying for CAPE’S (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment’s) NEW WRITERS FELLOWSHIP. This is their 8th one and submissions are now open for those who may be interested and who fit the bill. 

So what is this writers fellowship? Well, it is basically a talent and development program that trains emerging writers to succeed in Hollywood. Pipeline programs like this are critical, particularly in light of this year’s highly-successful #AsianAugust, including the premieres of CRAZY RICH ASIANS, TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE and SEARCHING, which has galvanized the industry to elevate diverse stories.

“Because diversity starts on the page, writers are the lynchpin in changing the media landscape to reflect the world in which we live,” said Michelle K. Sugihara, CAPE Executive Director. “As the entertainment industry scrambles for more inclusive stories, the CAPE New Writers Fellowship is more important than ever to nurture underrepresented voices.”’

I personally think this is an awesome opportunity for budding Asian American writers who are looking for opportunities to get their feet wet and work towards their goals and dreams of becoming a script writer or any type of writer within the entertainment industry. 

Alumni have been staffed on every major broadcast network and streaming platform, as well as premium cable channels such as HBO, Showtime, and STARZ. For example, CAPE alumni have written for THE GOOD DOCTOR, GREY’S ANATOMY, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, 13 REASONS WHY, BOSCH, CHARMED, and many others.

The programs, workshops, panels and master classes sounds pretty awesome, I am sure many skills will be gained if you get admitted into this program. Of course the application process is rigorous and there will be blind script judging as well as interviews by peeps who are working as entertainment industry professionals, but it definitely is worthwhile for those who want to pursue this as their career.

Want more information on how to apply? Please visit CAPE’S website visit www.capeusa.org/CNWF, to get the instructions of submissions and the process behind it! Check it out and apply by January 7 2019 for the opportunity!