LOL look at this RACIST piece of shit. DR DISRESPECT (his real name is Guy Beahm) is a very popular streamer in the gaming world. He has recently faced some backlash over a video he posted on Twitch where he uses racial stereotypes to mock and poke fun at Chinese/Asian accents of players he encounters in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Here at YOMYOMF, we recently wrote a post on calling this gamer out on his racist bullshit. Sadly, this particular incident is one of many that this RACIST POS has committed. He seems to have a trend in mocking, belittling and poking fun at Asian players – particularly those with Asian usernames and accents. He does this by putting on what he perceives as an “Asian accent”. He calls this a “hybrid” and he is basically spouting gibberish and nonsense out of his white ass mouth. It is said he has been doing this for around a year. He should have been called out a long time ago on this, but good to see that it is happening now.

And instead of apologising, Dr Disrespect goes out and calls the backlash as “laughable”, and defended his actions over the past year. Gaming media outlet PC Gamer continues this story:

Dr Disrespect’s behavior has come in response to games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and H1Z1: Battle Royale becoming hugely popular in countries like China. Chinese players will often play on North American servers, which creates frustrations among native North Americans due to the language barrier, network connectivity issues, and incidents of cheating. It’s an issue that has led some players to ask developer PUBG Corporation to region lock Chinese players.

During a Twitch stream yesterday, Dr Disrespect defended his behavior by highlighting his upbringing and his “numerous” friends of Mexican and Asian descent. As if to ward off the criticism once and for all, he then added that his wife is of Filipino descent. “Mrs. Assassin, my wife, multiracial, all the way from the small island of Malamawi,” Dr Disrespect said. “Lots of Filipino blood. I love it. And you got this idiot on Twitter, this idiot searching for, desperate for attention—wanna be idiot, right? Trapped in a box, trapped in a gated community—a private school, if you will.” In December, an out-of-character Dr Disrespect confessed to infidelity on stream before announcing he was taking a hiatus.

My take, let’s take this RACIST to the cleaners. He like Logan Paul just needs to disappear into the sunset, never to be seen ever again. 

 Images via PC Gamer

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