Its Here. The 1st ever made HDrama Pilot Epsiode.
Official Trailer | Release Date: 10.18.18

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Spirit Beside Me | Starring Yujin Thao, Jas Zi Vanh (Sua Vang) |
Featuring Kue Lee, Veness Chang, Elvis Thao, & Tsua Lor

Directed by Touacha Her
Executive Producer W Early Belle

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At the beginning of the year, Windstruck Production announced a an almost impossible goal to get this Pilot Episode funded, but because of 494 Backers who believed and supported them, they made it after a 1 month campaign!


Spirit Beside Me – Pilot Episode | Synopsis

Thousands of years ago, a King (Kue Lee) of the Hmong Kingdom orders his most trusted Royal Guard (Yujin Thao) to inspect a village that people say have been attacked. The Daughter of the King (Sua Vang) who has seer-like abilities warns the Royal Guard not to go. The Royal Guard, loyal to the King and kingdom, obeys the orders; he travels out with his men.

The Royal Guard with his soldiers sees a small shelter suspicious in the woods. The shelter looked as if it was just recently abandoned with food still warm, but everything seems to be empty.

…or so they thought.