As a friend of filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong, he’s come a long way since the ‘BLT’ days. He was one of the original crew when BETTER LUCK TOMORROW premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 15 years ago and directed the companion doc BLT GENESIS, which you view in its entirety here.

Since then, Evan made the move to the Big Apple, and his little old web series project following Jeremy Lin soon exploded when ‘Linsanity’ happened. The final result was a return to Sundance with the feature length doc LINSANITY.

Now, Evan is back at it again, and this time, cutting his teeth with his first fiction feature length film SNAKEHEAD, a project that he has been developing for well over a decade now. Read more about his personal filmmaking journey, which started with BLT and Justin Lin.

He reunited with his LINSANITY team including producer Brian Yang and filmmaker and Offender Anson Ho, made a kick-ass concept trailer and also mounted a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

I knew Evan was neck deep in production, and his team has been posting behind-the-scenes videos, but I was pretty blown away with the latest episode, which was posted last night.

Man, color me impressed. I can’t wait to see it. At the very least, the promos and social media strategy for this film is on point, teasing out morsels of info a bit at a time. The film stars Shuya Chang and Offender Sung Kang, who’s been hanging out in the East Coast shooting this film, as well as his upcoming series regular stint on the new season of POWER.

For updates, follow Evan and his SNAKEHEAD team over at the film’s official website.