On last Sunday’s episode of THE SIMPSONS, the show finally addressed the criticism that the character of Apu is racially insensitive and specifically Indian American comedian Hari Kondabolu’s TruTv doc on this issue, THE PROBLEM WITH APU, in the most flippant way possible:

THE SIMPSONS producers have largely been silent about the ensuing online backlash until yesterday when SIMPSONS show runner Al Jean sent out this tweet:

It’s hard to tell how “sincere” Jean is being in the tweet. Great, we get that you appreciate all responses, but it’s unclear if he “gets” what the underlying criticism is about. No one is asking for THE SIMPSONS to find a “popular” answer to the problem or even a “right” one. It’s about allowing for a real and genuine dialogue about why Apu is problematic and how that can be addressed not a blanket bullshit dismissal of the concerns, which was what the last episode essentially was. Kondabolu himself offers this option in his doc and implores the creators to not take the easy way out by just killing Apu and moving on.

I also mention that I’m not sure how sincere Jean is because there’s indications in his response to the responses to his tweet that this may be just another flippant reaction on his part. For example:

Good point, @airplanefarts. But let’s give the last word once again to Hari Kondabolu: