I watched this SHISEIDO Japan advertisement in full ( it is pretty much a short film), and I was in love with the concept. Titled: THE PARTY BUS,  It shows the longing one Japanese woman has for another goes through a journey till they both are together and share a romantic and passionate kiss. And it was not only myself who loved it obviously, as it won gold at the EPICA advertising awards which  celebrate the most creative, envelope-pushing works in the fields of PR, commercial products and graphic design. Deserving indeed with the colors, the artistic work in it, the costumes, the masks and the theme. It is also very tasteful in my opinion. Here is more from Sora News 24:

Not only did The Party Bus win the gold certificate for its nominated category (Health and Beauty – Film), its win qualified it as an entry into the top-ranked award provided by the Epica Awards: The Film Grand Prix. Only entries ranked gold can compete in the Grand Prix awards, and Shiseido’s ad triumphed over mighty opponents such as Heineken and Mars to earn the top prize.

The theme of The Party Bus is that the heroine isn’t brave enough to confess her feelings. Amidst a busy party on a bus, she gains confidence through a beautiful animatic sequence involving her own makeup, and shares a kiss with her female love interest at the end of the film.

Shiseido Japan has openly shown support for the LGBT community through makeup workshops for transgender people and as co-sponsors of the LGBT event Tokyo Pride. Upon receiving the award, Shiseido’s creative director Masato Kosukegawa said “In Japanese culture there is a strong conservative tendency, and stories of LGBT are not commonly told yet. I think this film was probably the first work by a major Japanese company to address LGBT in an advertisement.”

It is awesome to see SHISEIDO Japan show its support for LGBTIQ relationships and recognize that not all kisses, love, embraces and intimate moments are shared by heterosexual couples. Check out the advertisement for yourself!

Images via Sora News 24

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