Yes, it is that time of the year again, where I talk about the films I have watched, the filmmakers and actors I have met and the interviews I will have conducted as part of the SAN DIEGO ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2018. Last night, I attended the Opening Night Film which was Korean film “LITTLE FOREST” (리틀 포레스트), directed by Yim Soon-rye, was such a beautifully made film, which focuses on the idea of journey, relationships, the power of “returning home” and freshly prepared food. Literally, you will feel hungry for Korean food (prepared freshly and home made) after watching this film.

The film is based on the popular Japanese manga series “LITTLE FOREST” written and illustrated by Daisuke Igarashi. The premise of the film is about Hye-Won (Kim Tae-Ri) who gets tired of her difficult life in the city and moves back to her hometown in the countryside. There, she heals her emotional wounds with the help of her long-time friends, nature and food.

I loved the scenic locations of the Korean countryside, and it reminded me of my trip to Korea last year and the food I ate, and the countryside I saw visiting different parts of the country. When a film does that, you know it will be a good one, as it is important for a film to strike some resonance/relationship with the audience, and “Little Forest” definitely achieved that.

The film is primarily focused on an emotional journey of awakening, relationships and food. The relationship part was the most intriguing because it focused on not only human relationships, but it also focused on how the relationship with the land heals both old and new wounds. The complexity of the differing relationships and how each of these relationships both hurt and healed Hye-Won, I think is the essence of the film. Of course I enjoyed watching her prepare and eat the food, but it is the symbolic meaning of the food, the land and relationships which I think makes this film a must watch.

Oh and enjoy this image of the Korean food we enjoyed from local San Diego Korean restaurants after the screening! Awesome evening indeed!

I won’t ruin it anymore for all of ya, because I would encourage you to check it out for yourself!

Images via The Korean Herald