This has to be the most unintentionally hilarious TV commercials ever. Aside from Freud, what about just the fact that there’s a big basketball player, two cheerleaders and one “big foot” sub that is “too much to handle”, even for Mr. Pippen.Hey, I’d have a party too with these ladies too… You know, with sandwich foods and some lemonade, laid out on a picnic blanket, just like Scottie. This commercial was made way back in 1991. And Mr. Submarine still exists in Chicago today.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious: That Pippen is a terrible pitchman, or the severe Aquanet infused bangs of the cheerleaders, or the part when Pippen slamdunks a sub sandwich, or when Pippen says, “Ladies, let’s go have a party!”, what he really means is “Ladies, let’s have a three way in my hot tub!”

Either way, he’s chomping away at a sandwich that is shaped like a penis. Good thing it wasn’t hot dogs that he was selling.