I had the great pleasure to be a guest on Brian Hu and Ada Tseng’s SATURDAY SCHOOL podcast, now in its 5th season. The podcast explores Asian and Asian American cinema and this latest season explores the trend of Asian American filmmakers returning to Asia to make movies.

I was asked to speak on the 8th episode about Vietnamese American filmmakers and the trend of many of them returning to the motherland to work on the entertainment industry there. I chose 2007’s THE REBEL as the benchmark that opened up the flood gates to one of the booming industries in Southeast Asia.

Here is a description of the episode:

Thanks to film programmer, producer, YOMYOMF writer Anderson Le for being our guest on this week’s episode of Saturday School.

This semester, we’re exploring Asian Americans in Asia, and this week, we’re talking about the 2007 film, “The Rebel,” directed by Charlie Nguyen starring Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo. Turns out it’s much more than a fun martial arts action period film with beautiful people doing high-flying scissor kicks and acrobatic headlocks.