He's thinking, "Being a lone wolf is overrated."
Somewhere in CA, or maybe somewhere in OR, there is a lone wolf… the first of its kind since 1947, to appear West of the Cascades, West of the Rockies, right here in our very backyard!!!! Hallelujah!

Now as a person who has spent many sleepless nights in the Alaskan back country by myself realizing that I am not at the top of the food chain, I am frightfully excited about this. Will my descendants have to backpack through wolf-infested forests in CA? Maybe. Will we humans start realizing that we are edible? Maybe. Will it maybe make us humans HUMBLE in terms of the whole scheme of things? Hopefully! Wolves!!! Exciting!

FYI: You are edible.

Now as it turns out, OR7 -as the wolf is called- has been spotted… cavorting with COYOTES!!!! Oh yes! He is not so high and mighty that he only dates wolves! (Which is good, because there aren’t any where he’s seeking.) He is open to dating that little sweet coyote with the bushy tail and the sweet howl. He might, just might, make lovely yelping noises with her someday. He’s open to it.

SRC (Single Red Coyote) seeking... hunting companion. Teacup Terriers need not apply.

And because of it, his genes might continue. Okay, so maybe his little half-breed wolf-ote/coyolf might be ostracized by the other coyotes at first… but who knows?! Little Coyolf might be like the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, “Then all the coyotes loved him, as they shouted out with glee!” Maybe Little Coyolf will enter the coyote pageants and win! (Then again, that doesn’t always work either.)

I’m just wishing OR7 a little joy in his otherwise lonely life. I hope you get laid, little wolf. Good luck.