Some people are saying this is “yellowface” whilst others are saying it is just a joke and we need to stop with this PC bullshit. In any case, to me it is RACIST and yes it definitely is “YELLOWFACE”!

American food chain which has a number of stores across Australia “RIBS AND BURGERS” showed its true colours in its most recent advertising campaign dressing Asian and non Asian actors as geisha’s, having glued on eye brows and throwing around samurai swords. The company claims that its just for laughs, but can white people please stop using Asian culture for jokes and laughs? Our culture is not for you to abuse and exploit. Ribs and Burgers were advertising their “Wagyu beef burger” and thought it was a grand idea to exploit Japanese history and culture and do “yellowface”. Ribs and Burgers claims the ad campaign is “tongue in cheek”.

SBS Australia TV presenter Michelle Leong (whom I love and follow) begs to differ and exposed this ad campaign as yellowface and rightfully so. This is what she said in the initial Facebook post:

“Thank you @ribsandburgers, for pushing humanity forward with cute little racist number,” Leong wrote on Instagram in response to the campaign.

“Not only are you insulting Australians, who by now bloody well all know what wagyu is without the bum steer, you manage to insult every Asian culture under the sun with your lovely, culturally inaccurate display of yellow face.

“Your marketing team should be so proud of themselves for letting this through to the keeper. *MUAH*.”

Many of her supporters including myself agree with Leong’s tact – Asian actors or not this is yellow face and this is exploiting Japan’s culture and history for profit. 

Seagrass Hospitality who owns Ribs and Burgers responded to Leong’s Facebook post initially with this:

“We appreciate your feedback and are truly sorry you find this offensive,”

“This was never our intention and this advertisement is a tongue in cheek representation of the ‘Wagyu beef range at ribs and burgers’ and not a representation in the slightest of Japanese culture.

“The main actor is Japanese, and himself and others of Japanese decent (sic) were consulted vigorously before the production of this advertisement and did not believe it was racist at all.”

The company has since removed these images from their social media sites, but it still remains on their website. 

Check out this video of one of their ad campaigns where they use an Asian actor to promote their burger. The actor has glued on eyebrows and uses a very stereotyped and exaggerated accent.

I will leave it here.

Images via news.com.au

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